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Creative Products for Successful Analysis - FTIR PIKE accessories, ATR; MIRacle and GladiATR and many other transmission and reflectance accessories, IR reference materials and libraries and Spectrocopy Quartz and Glass Cells. HPLC Degassers, Fraction Collectors,  Autosampler Vials, Syringe Filters , GPC Columns & Standards and Solvent safety Caps and Containers. Achieve your analytical goals with our innovative product range and with the excellent value for money they provide.

* Online Purchasing is available for certain items including Cuvettes, HPLC Vials, Caps, Septa, GPC/SEC standards and SCAT Solvent Safety products..

Featured Products

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HPLC Solvent Safety
  Sample Syringe Filters  

Ready to Go Packs for Your HPLC Autosampler

Cuvettes for Optical Spectroscopy  


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PIKE FTIR ACCESSORIES - DOWNLOAD THE PIKE CATALOGUE HERE  (13MB pdf File) - for the latest in FTIR applications, accessories and theory

HPLC Analysis of Statins - Statins are all in the news at the moment see how we analyse them here

Solvent Safety - Laboratory Installations - Download brochure here