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Viscometric Detector

Triple detector MDS390(B)

MDS390 Triple detector

The MDS390 Multi Detector Suite brings advanced GPC/SEC with light scattering, refractive index and viscometry detection  to your laboratory. The instrument can come with up to three detectors at once or can be field upgraded any time a new technique is required.


Any combination of any MDS detectors is possible. Each MDS detector can be individually heated from 30 – 60 °C to ensure baseline stability. All detectors can be used in series, ensuring all of the analyte is studied.

The MDS390 can be integrated into any GPC/SEC or FFF system.

Temperature range 30° C to 60° C
Temperature stability ± 0.2° C
Refractive index  
Cell volume 6µL
Wavelength  fix, 660 nm
Detection type 4 capillary on-line viscometer with hold-up columns
Signals simultaneous measurement delta pressure and inlet pressure 
Light scattering  
Number of angles 2
Scattering angles 15, 90
Laser wavelength/
660 nm/50 mW
Cell volume 10 µL
Scattering volume

0.01 μL

Upgrades 404-0167 Upgrade RI
404-0168 Upgrade Viscometer
404-0169 Upgrade 2 angle light scattering
404-0170 Enclosure Expansion
Further Options Bioinert version
DLS option to measure hydrodynamic Radii


Part numbers: 
404-0161 (MDS390-V, viscometer)
404-0162 (MDS390-L, 2 angle light scattering)
404-0163 (MDS390-VL, viscometer, 2 angle light scattering)
404-0164 (MDS390-VR, viscometer, RI)
404-0165 (MDS390-LR, 2 angle light scattering, RI)
404-0166 (MDS390-T, viscometer, 2 angle light scattering, RI)

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