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Metrology Measurement Services

Metrology Measurement Services - for Quantifying Optical Surfaces

Diamond Turning Lathe - High-precision manufacturing of mirrors, microscope objectives and optical lenses

  • Nanotech 450 (4 axis)
  • Nanotech FG350 Freeform Generator
  • Nanotech 250 (2)

Metrology - Highly accurate measurements and mapping of surface quality

  • Zygo VeriFire Asphere
  • Zygo NewView
  • Zygo GPI
  • Multiple on-board profilers
  • Active wavefront alignment and laser alignment
  • Autocollimators
  • Zygo application consulting

Optical Thin-Film Coating - UV to Far-IR coatings to improve optic performance from prototype to production

  • Physical vapor deposition chambers

Design and Computation Software - Optimizing engineering design and rapid product development

  • SolidWorks
  • Z-Max
  • Film Star 
  • FRED Optical Engineering Software
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