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Disk Windows and Powders


Premier Stock window and crystal materials from PIKE Technologies – a carefully selected range of IR transparent materials most often used by IR spectroscopists. They fit PIKE accessories and cell holders available from other vendors. All windows, crystals and powders are made from the best quality material.  The optical components are individually packaged and silica gel is included with those materials which are affected by humidity.

  • Wide selection of IR windows
  • KBr powder and chunks
  • All standard sizes

Please refer to the next pages for full range of IR optical materials, windows and crystals. In most cases you can order on-line. However, some specialised materials such as AMTIR, KRS-5 CsI, SiO2, Si and ZnS are subject to market price variations - call us on 01371-876500 for a current offer price.

Note, save on price and shipping cost by selecting 6 pack versions of popular crystals.

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