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HPLC Degassers

The high quality Japanese manufactured HPLC online vacuum degasser are the reliable answer to replacing any ageing degassing system.

If you have a helium sparge system or your HPLC vacuum degasser has failed, there is a unit in the range to suit your system.

The original Degasys model is a proven design and is still one of the best options for all applications from semi-micro to preparative HPLC degassing.

More recently the Degasys Populaire range has been added to offer a higher specification for analytical flow rate applications.

The Degasys Ultimate as the name suggests leads the way in degasser specifications, using a new high permeability fluoropolymer the hold-up volumes are the smallest available. Allowing good quality degassing even for high and low flow-rate semi-micro applications.

Our recommendation:

Degasys Ultimate for demanding degassing applications for semi-micro and analytical flow rates

Degasys Populaire for routine analytical degassing

Degasys 'the original' for Preparative HPLC and for low cost analytical systems.

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