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HPLC Column Ovens

HPLC Column Oven, HPLC Column Thermostat, HPLC Column Heater



  • Thermolelectric ( Peltier) heating/cooling, forced air circulation
  • Processor controlled, 99 programmable temperatures, timer,  temperature gradients, linear ramp calculation. Settable via numerical keypad with LCD display
  • DSR - double referenced temp. sensor technology
  • RS 232 for control by data system
  • Large enough for 4 columns up to 38 cm length.
    optional mount for injector, valves and precolumns
  • Leak detector with selectable sensitivity. automatic switch-off, accoustic alarm



  • Continuous function monitoring, 2 independent sensors and fuzzy longic control software, adjustable temp. lock for column-save
  • Autocalibration for GLP conformity
  • User calibration via keyboard



  • Temperature range: 5 - 85 °C standard
  • Stability: greater than + 0.02 °C
  • Accuracy: greater than + 0.1°C


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