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Safety Caps HPLC Solvent Reservoirs Containers


SCAT Safety Products for Chromatography

Analytical Sales & Services recently introduced SCAT products, which are designed to keep you safe.

From Safety Caps that seal away harmful vapors to high-quality Waste Containers that won't leak or spill, we invite you to check out all our products listed below.

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2 Types of Safety Caps for HPLC

Safety Caps

air-valve.jpgFor safe extraction of solvents, with integrated air valve for venting and pressure equalisation





Safety Waste Caps

carbon-filters.jpgFor safe disposal of solvent waste, with activated carbon (charcoal) filters.







Using dangerous or volitile substances with leaky or untight containers leads to:

  • Health Hazards
  • Contamination of Sensitive Fluids
  • Shrinkage of Mobile Phase from Evaporation
  • Air and Environmental Pollution


Many safety and environmental directives are already regulated by law, and SCAT Safety Products help you use these toxic or flamible organic substances safely, without pollution.


Safety for HPLC uses
Health and pollution control

During your work with HPLC systems, toxic vapours are leaking from solvent reservoirs of they are not accurately closed. the permanent harzard for environment and health of operators is a late-breaking issue, especially in consideration of today's safety regulations.

One more consequence of inadequate closure is pollution of your solvents. When using solvent mixtures, their mixing ratio can change in an extensive way.


In cooperation with safety inspectors, HPLC operators and synthetics specialists, SCAT Safety Caps were developed as a cost-efficient and reliable solution for those well-known problems.

Widespread tests and continuous improvement assure high quality standards, especially for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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