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Aqueous Standards

PSS offer a large variety of polymer standards which are soluble in aqueous eluents. Almost all standards are available on stock and therefore we are able to deliver them immediately. All polymer standards are available for different molecular weights, mostly from the oligomeric range up to the high molecular weight range.
PSS Quality certificate

All polymer standards are supplied with a PSS Quality certificate containing all relevant molar mass average values, the measurement conditions and aGPC chromatoGRAM from the actual standard. The Quality certificate also includes health and safety information for handling of the polymers.

In addition to single aqueous polymer standards PSS offers:

The advantages of PSS polymer standards:

  • carefully characterized by GPC and if possible one more additional method (light scattering, viscometry etc.)
  • detailed data sheet included
  • fast delivering times
  • professional support
  • large selection of different polymer types on stock
  • large range of molecular weights for each polymer


Most of the water-soluble polymers are not that stable during storage as lipophilic polymers. Therefore cool and dry storage is recommended in general as well as properly sealed vessels. The quantity of moisture depends on several parameters (e.g. surface, molecular weight, sample preparation, conditions of storage, etc.). If you intend to use methods for your measurements which depend on the mass of the polymer the quantity of moisture should be determined before starting the measurement.

Delivery conditions

In general we provide these standards in different amounts such as 1g, 5g, and 10g. Larger amounts are available on request. Polymer standards which are available from stock will be delivered within three working days after receiving the order


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