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Ultra-low Volume Bio Micro Cuvette for Fluorescence Detection is available in two formats:

  • Low Birefringent windows transparent from 220 – 1000 nm
  • Self-masking, 45 degree, even illumination sample volume, No light scatter from edges
  • Easy to use – just dispense from your 20 - 200 µL pipettor
  • Flexible – use the flowcell version with pumps and automated systems
  • Great for Microscopy! – Cells are flat, sit easily on a microscope stage
  • Universal adapter – cells will fit any instrument that accommodates 1cm x 1cm cuvette holders
  • Use for fluorescence or absorbance!

Application notes:

FluoroVette Product Specifications Instructions

DNA Quantitation using the FluoroVette

ALine Custom Design Questionnaire

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