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Sample Syringe Filters

Guide to selecting the right syringe filters

1. Choose membrane type

  • Nylon - Broad solvent compatibility, Aqueous and organic materials.
  • PTFE - Ideal for HPLC, UHPLC sample preparation and excellent solvent resistance
  • PES (Polyethersulfone) - Highest flow rates, ideal for Ion chromatography, low protein binding for biological samples.
  • PVDF (Polyvinylidene) - Broad chemical compatibility, fast flow, low protein binding for biological samples. Low UV absorbing extractables for HPLC & UHPLC.
  • Mixed Cellulose (MCE) - Ideal for aqueous based samples, tissue culture and sensitive biological samples, low protein binding but lower chemical resistance.
  • Regenerated Cellulose (RC) - Proteins, peptides and other biological samples, highly hyrophilic surface, better chemical resistance than MCE. 

Aqueous Samples – Use syringe filters with an affinity for water (hydrophilic) Nylon,PES, RC or Mixed Cellulose Syringe filters

Non polar samples – Use syringe filters which are more hydrophobic such as PTFE, PTFE is chemically resistant and often used with HPLC solvents such as acetonitrile/water and aggressive organic solvents

Protein Samples –Use PVDF or PES, low protein binding membrane syringe filters and therefore suitable for life science applications 

Inorganic Samples – Use PES membrane syringe filters for applications like ion chromatography.

2. Choose Filter size 

 0-10ml Sample Volume use 13mm Syringe Filters ; 10-100ml Sample Volume use 25mm Syringe Filters; 10-250ml Sample Volume use 33mm Syringe Filters and for fastest flow rates 

3. For HPLC 

 Use 0.2u syringe filters for sub 3u columns (UHPLC )and use 0.45 u filters for larger particle size columns
0-10ml Or low sample Volume use 13mm Syringe Filters
10-100ml Sample Volume use 25mm Syringe Filters
10-250ml Sample Volume use 33mm Syringe Filters fastest flow rates, higher through put

For heavy particulate difficult to filter samples choose a syringe filter with glass fibre pre-filter 

Polypropylene pre-filter type syringe filters have broad chemical compatibility and versatile enough for use with aqueous or organic applications. 

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